About Us

KammaGamma is a website created by the drive to increase photography literacy.
Our objective is to give the enthusiast photographer, whether a professional or an amateur, a behind-the-scene-view. We do so by introducing our most detailed and accurate image quality databases and by our tag based article system.

Our articles are divided into mini-articles which allow you, the reader, to create your own article by using the tagging-navigating-system. Thus, allowing us to update reviews and articles quickly. Just click on any tag of your interest at the header or use our tag page.

The humans behind the machine

Max Penson
Max is a photographer that knows too much and has seen many cameras behind the scenes. Max is an image quality testing and analysis specialist in his position within the digital cameras industry.

Pixels align when they see him, and resoultion charts avoid him in the street.

Talya Seligman
Talya is a digital photography technology lecturer in a several high educational institutes in photography departments. Having been in the education scene for a while Talya recognized the need for clear, updated and in depth information.

Color management is a hobby, especially managing the cyans.