Canon EOS 400D vs. Canon EOS 30D – Low ISO

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The Canon EOS 30D and the Canon EOS 400D are both equipped with the DIGIC II image processing pipeline. However, the EOS 400D has a 10 MP CMOS sensor oppose to 8 MP CMOS sensor in the Canon EOS 30D. It will be interesting to see if the two more mega pixels of the Canon EOS 400D provide any disadvantage on the 8MP sensor at 100ISO.

Canon EOS 400D: Jpeg Fine, PS: Standard, AutoWB, ISO100, 1/6,
Canon 50mm@f9
Canon EOS 30D: Jpeg Fine, PS: Standard, AutoWB, ISO100, 1/8,
Canon 50mm@f9

Canon EOS 400D
Canon EOS 30D


Due to the picture style system, the sharpening levels are equal in both cameras, that’s the idea behind this system and it seems to work.


Although the 10MP sensor of the EOS 400D has a small advantage, these differences does put the MP war in proportion. The differences appear in cut 11 where you can see the fabric texture better detailed with the EOS 400D. Also note cut 2 in between the sketch lines.

demosaicing, false colors

These problems are not new with the DIGIC II. Both camera don’t deal ideally with demosaicing problems, and in the EOS 30D there is are a bit more false colors. It seems that the EOS 400D’s sensor is coping better with problematic frequencies, but not much better than the EOS 30D.

Contrast and color

Again, due to the picture style system the shadows and contrast are pretty similar. Because the Canon EOS 30D overexposes in about +0.4/+0.5EV, we had to set its exposure down by -0.3EV. There are still minor contrast differences between the two cameras despite that.

Noise reduction

It is hard to discuss the noise reduction subject in 100 ISO, check the 1600 ISO comparison.


After evaluating these results, 10 MP don’t seem to create a big advantage. With DIGIC II and the picture style system we get quite similar results. 10 mega pixels can get the enthusiast printer the extra push needed for big prints, and can resolve some false color issues DIGIC II should have handled.

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