Is Lightroom using new colors?

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When the first version of Lightroom was finally released I was thrilled like everybody else. But I was also very interested to find out if adobe has done anything new with the default colors of the image. (There is a really good reason for me wondering that, which might be covered in a separate article)

In order to test whether adobe has made some changes in the colors lightroom produces, we came up with a simple test. We took two cameras: Canon EOS 30D and Nikon D200 and made the following steps to reach the results.

1. We placed a GretagMacBeth ColorChecker 24 chart under D65 lighting.
2. With both Nikon D200 and Canon EOS 30D, we captured JPEG+RAW data of the chart.
3. Processed the Raw file from each camera with Adobe Camera Raw v3.5 under default values.
4. Processed the Raw file from each camera using Adobe lightroom v1.0 under default values.
3. We then read the results to produce LAB values from each and every color of the 24 patches.
4. The a* and b* values were inputed to our color model in order to produce the LAB plots below.

Canon EOS 30D

Adobe ACR 3.5 Adobe Lightroom 1.0

It might look as though there is only one set of values showing up on the plot, but in fact, our LAB plot is plotting data for both Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Lightroom. This means that there is NO difference between the old pre lightroom version of ACR and the all new lightroom.

To be on the safe side, lets take a look on one more camera.

Nikon D200

Adobe ACR 3.5 Adobe Lightroom 1.0

According to the results above, adobe hasn’t done any changes to the color reproduction system. So other then the new color editing tool on Adobe Lightroom, with the default setting the result will be the same as always. We were disappointed to see that there was no progress in Lightroom with this matter.

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