Our labs

Our labs are equipped with special lighting equipment that produce uniform illumination at 5500K color temperature. We use a variety of color and pattern charts; we also produce charts ourselves when needed.

Our test procedure pages:

How we test resolving power (to be added)

How we test demosaicing and false colors

Our noise analysis test

Our color database

Our Studio Scene

Our studio scene is unique, not because it has special objects or out of the ordinary lighting but because we know what to look for in image quality and how to setup the scene accordingly.


Our Scene is not standard and may change from time to time. It is illuminated so as to challenge or even fail noise reduction algorithms. It may contain the following challenging areas:

  • Nyquist frequency
  • Highlights / Shadows
  • High level details
  • Texture
  • Shadow texture
  • Color edges
  • B/W edges
  • Text
  • Gold/Silver
  • Skin tone
  • color chart