Noise analysis test

gm.jpgOur unique and proprietary noise analyzing algorithm is built the same way camera makers reduce noise. As camera makers use advanced methods to separate Luma and Chroma (luminance and color) during noise reduction, we use the same method to analyze noise.

Our noise analyzing procedure is as follows:

  • Capture our GretagMacBeth ColorChecker test chart under 5500K color temperature lighting
  • Convert the image to luma image and chroma image.
  • Perform standard division on luma image
  • Perform standard division on chroma image

What our test DOES show with high accuracy:

  • How much noise does the camera produce AFTER noise reduction.
  • How much luma noise (grain) does the image contain.
  • How much chroma noise (color noise) does the image contain.

What our test DOES NOT show:

  • How much noise is produced by the sensor alone (a final JPEG image is ALWAYS the outcome of signal level (sensor system + exposure) AND image processing pipeline (image pipe and noise reduction).
  • How much detail was lost as a result of noise reduction.