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Apple has released Aperture 1.5.1, addressing over 100 issues related to overall reliability and performance. The new release also updates the support for new cameras. The Canon EOS 400D/Rebel XTI was added along with the Nikon D80 and the Pentax *ist DS. With this release, Apple has made Aperture available for free 30 day “Test Drive” download.
Aperture Test Drive download
Aperture update download



List of changes (from

• Fixed some issues that prevented keywords from being properly added to or deleted from the Keyword HUD.
• Sorting of keywords in the Keyword HUD is now case-insensitive.
• Improved reliability when importing keyword list from a text file.
• Shift–clicking the Keyword button now correctly removes the corresponding keyword from the selected image(s).
• Multiple keywords applied to a single image and exported using XMP sidecar files now appear as separate keywords when viewed in applications such as Extensis Portfolio.
• The most recent setting for the size of the Loupe is now retained for subsequent work sessions.
• Contextual menu commands for Loupe are now accessible via the the contextual menu on the Light Table.
• Improved reliability when using the Loupe while making adjustments in book and web gallery views.
• Crop aspect ratio is now properly retained after deselecting a cropped image.
• Crop tool no longer reverts to the "1:1" setting when returning to a cropped image.
• Improved responsiveness when making Adjustments when the "Maintain Previews for Project" option is activated.
• Improved responsiveness while Previews are being generated.
• Previews for versions are all now correctly deleted when versions are deleted.
• Duplicating an adjusted version automatically generates an up-to-date preview.
• New previews are now automatically generated for duplicate versions.
Metadata presets
• Addressed issue with metadata presets in Import and Batch Change that prevented users from updating fields.
File renaming
• File naming changes applied during a relocate or consolidate operation are now properly updated in the database.
iPhoto Library import
• Improved reliability when importing an entire iPhoto Library or selected albums into Aperture.
• Watermarks now scale properly when applied on export.
• Improved reliability when relocating the contents of an entire Library.
• Dialog now warns that consolidating images may revert files to their original names.
• Exporting or relocating a selected group of images while renaming them with a format that uses a counter or sequence now correctly preserves the order of images.
Managing Referenced Files
• Improved reliability when using Manage Referenced Files to reconnect to master images.
• Improved reliability when reconnecting to images that have been moved to a DVD/CD.
• The Mount/Unmount button in Manage Referenced Files dialog now properly updates Volume status.
Lift & Stamp
• Resolved a database issue that occurred when using Lift and Stamp with the Create new versions when making adjustments preference turned on.
• Keywords that are "lifted" and then deleted from the Lift & Stamp HUD are now omitted when stamped.
Print dialog
• Image preview resizes correctly when the Print dialog is resized.
• Changes to Colorsync profile and gamma settings in the Print dialog are now correctly reflected in the image preview in the Print dialog.
AppleScript and Automator
• Fixed an issue that occurred when exporting Versions with Current Version Name using Automator.
• The Extract Metadata Action now properly exports the selected metadata when used in an Automator workflow.
Image Deletion
• Fixed an issue that could occur when deleting duplicate versions in List View.
• The Delete Project dialog box now displays the name of the project being deleted.
• Fixed an issue which could cause performance to degrade after deleting Externally Edited images.
• Aperture’s database now properly reflects the deletion of referenced images that are stored on a network volume.
Miscellaneous issues addressed
• Improved reliability when exporting Projects.
• Aperture now properly validates and runs on 1.8 GHz iMac with NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 graphics card.
• Improved performance when switching in and out of Full Screen mode.
• Aperture no longer allows users to create folders with a period (.) as the first character.
• Pressing Option–Zero now clears rating from Compare image.
• Fixed an issue that prevented images with a "@" in the filename to be properly copied to a Vault.
• Fixed an issue with Autostacking offline images when in List View.
• Captions for books that were created using previous versions of Aperture are now correctly linked.

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