Getting to know the Canon EOS 1D MKIII

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I just came back from Canon after a few days of getting to know the Canon EOS 1D MKIII. I have so much to say about the image quality! unfortunately, I can’t – yet. I am a bit disappointed from the fact DIGIC III is so slow when the Noise reduction option is set to ON. The number of images you can take with this option ON reduces significantly. This is not something a camera maker usually does…
Take the D2H for instance, when shooting a burst of images it will reduce noise less efficiently than when just taking a single image. But you don’t need to take the advanced noise reduction system completely off. It adjusts automatically according to the number of images you just took.

The new DIGIC III noise reduction system is very important, it can be marked at the “new age chroma noise reduction” category as Nikon and fuji use. From what I have seen it works very very well, no chroma noise at all, very low artifacts and beautiful luma grain. interestingly, when setting the noise reduction setting to the default value, which is OFF, you’ll get the old type of noise reduction. The old type has a lot of chroma noise, it looks like what DIGIC II has been doing for years.


So I think canon should have tried harder with this camera to bring us the new noise reduction system as a default setting. They could have done a number to things to do so – increase the DRAM size, use 4 DIGIC III chips, reduce efficiently on burst… Well, what’s done is done. Lets wait to see what the final camera will bring us.

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