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KammaGamma is not one of those regular camera review sites. So we are not going to talk about the body of the camera that much. This news page is a good place for me to talk a bit about new cameras we get to review. And the last of which is the new Leica DIGILUX 3. I took the Digilux 3 to my recent trip to hungary, so that was a real world test for the design of the body. I am sorry to say I just couldn’t get used to the way the Digilux 3 is designed. Yes it looks terrific, but the layout of the buttons are somewhat different from most cameras.
For instance, the top large shutter speed dial is not full of shutter speeds. Is goes from 1/2 to 1/1000 and then, for 1/1000 to 1/4000 you keep the dial at “1000-4000” and use the Command dial to switch between 1/1000 to 1/4000. AWKWARD! I do like the fact most of the options are just there as buttons and there is no need to access the menu for every small thing. Plus, the two programable function buttons are great!


But the one thing that broke me not to like this camera is the viewfinder. It is just too small, with very small magnification factor. The small LCD inside the viewfinder is also small, it is quite hard to read compared to other DSLRs. And I am young, I can’t imagine how difficult this viewfinder is for people with glasses or problematic sight.

To top all of this, the auto-focus system as just, well, rubbish. I don’t think I have ever used an auto-focues system that is that bad in a modern DSLR (with the E330 being now quite old). It is very slow, it takes ages to just stat to focus and once it found the proper focus, it takes it some time to announce it. In low light it becomes really fatiguing, eventually I just switched to manual focus and finished the job my self. Unfortunately, with the viewfinder being very small, it was a really hard job to do.

So to some this all up, I don’t really care for the DIGILUX 3 design, it just does not feel like a leica (even the menus are the same as the Panasonic L1). I am saying that with the Leica M8 held in my other end – there’s a True Leica.




* All images were post-procesed with curves and smart sharpening

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