Picture Style Editor 1.0, editing color LUT’s?

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Out of the many new Canon announcements today is the new Picture Style Editor 1.0 software. This is very exacting, according the the announcement it will allow us to edit picture style profiles by editing the “style, color, and tone curves”. I hope that by color they actually mean that we could easily edit the color LUT to change how colors are rendered. This would make DDP one of the more powerful Raw software currently available for Canon cameras. Speaking of which, version 3.1 promise to deliver many new lens aberration corrections functions to correct chromatic aberration, color blur, vignetting, and distortion.

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One Response to “Picture Style Editor 1.0, editing color LUT’s?”

  1. Royi Says:

    Hey Max…
    I knew you’d pay attention for that.

    It includes option to insert my own “Picture Style” into the camera itself, doesn’t it?

    I’m looking for your own RAW converters shootout.

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