Update: Picture Style Editor, new details emerges!

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www.photo-cafe.jp, a Japanese website has new details on the Picture Style Editor. From the included screen shoot it looks like it has a color LUT editor!!! Finally you can create your own picture style profiles by transforming HSL values, something I have been wanting to do for ages.
Picture Style Editor will show you both before and after images while you edit the color LUT. It looks like you can also sample the color from the image. On the right side you can find a list of all edited colors and a luminance editor along with input/outpot text boxes. I wonder how many points could be added to the luminance editor. It looks a bit like the Capture One ICC editor, but never the less, we are very excited here at kammagamma.com. Click here for full PSE screen shoot.

Update: Canon has a new sub website for the PSE in Japanese.

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