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Canon EOS 400D vs. Canon EOS 30D – Low ISO

The Canon EOS 30D and the Canon EOS 400D are both equipped with the DIGIC II image processing pipeline. However, the EOS 400D has a 10 MP CMOS sensor oppose to 8 MP CMOS sensor in the Canon EOS 30D. It will be interesting to see if the two more mega pixels of the Canon […]

Canon EOS 400D vs. Canon EOS 30D Studio Scene – High ISO

The pixel size of the Canon EOS 400D is 5.7µm, small as all other 10 MP DSLRs. The Canon EOS 30D has a 8MP sensor so its pixel size is bigger, 6.4µm. Keeping in mind those two cameras are using the same DIGIC II image pipeline, an high ISO scene should be really interesting. Can […]