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Nikon D300, how much of an improvement?

We were curious to see what improvements there are in the Nikon D300 compared to the Nikon D200. To find out we performed a few simple tests. Almost all of the tests you are about to see were done on the actual RAW file using Matlab. This means that there is no image processing involved […]

Leica M8 Colors

Whenever you hear the word Leica, say the word Leica, or even think the word Leica, you think of quality. The quality of the product, the quality of the lenses, the quality of the image and surprisingly, also the quality of the colors. But why is it that when you think “Leica”, you think that […]

Solving the Leica M8 DNG riddle

The image on the left is the RAW data at its bayer format from the Nikon D200. The image on the right is the RAW data at its bayer format from the Leica M8. one is brighter then the other even though they both will look the same with any Raw software, such as Adobe […]

Lab Noise

At the time of writing this article, our digital photography world is going through a change. A big change. Camera makers are finally starting to apply their noise reduction algorithms with some innovation. This is coming from a need to produce better high ISO images than ever. Sensor makers are trying (and encouraged) to stuff […]

RGB Noise Reduction

Large numbers of noise reduction algorithms and patents are available. Camera makers use the algorithms that they developed for their cameras and RAW software. During the years that I’ve been following the market it seems to me that all those algorithms have one thing in common – they all work on the RGB color space. […]