Canon EOS 400D vs. Nikon D80 Studio Scene – High ISO

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Although these two cameras are far a part one from another, both price wise and market share wise, it’s the first time in a long time that there is a possibility to compare between Nikon and Canon under the same resolution.

Canon EOS 400D: Jpeg Fine, PS: Standard, AutoWB, ISO1600, 1/100,
Canon 50mm@f9
Nikon D80: Jpeg Fine, Optimize Image: Normal, AutoWB, ISO1600, 1/125,
Nikkor 50mm@f9

Canon EOS 400D
Nikon D80


As you can see, the sharpening level in the Canon EOS 400D is a little bit higher, this might also be due to the strength level of the edges after the noise reduction.


Nikon D80’s noise reduction system leaves less detail compared to the Canon’s.

demosaicing, false colors

Nikon D80’s output is smoother and has less false color and demosaicing problems, as can be expected from the most advanced noise reduction system.

Contrast and color

Nikon’s noise reduction system removes some saturation from the dark zones. Correspondingly we can see that the EOS 400D leaves more color and details in the dark zones.

Noise reduction

Nikon D80’s noise reduction system is more advanced than the one implemented in the EOS 400D. The Nikon D80 removes color noise almost absolutely and leaves very little edge problems. On the other hand, the Canon EOS 400D leaves more color noise bit delivers more details. We would choose less details and less color noise than the opposite under high ISO, but that is a matter of personal taste.


Canon is definitely stretching the DIGIC II’s limits with the 10MP resolution. We hope to see cleaner and better results in Canon’s future cameras. In the mean while we are happier with Nikon D80’s results in high ISO.

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