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Download Focus Finder droplet (Mac / PC)

Focus Finder is a Photoshop droplet that can find the focus point in your images. Just drag and drop any image on the droplet and Focus Finder will attempt to find the strongest most detailed part of the image. A red circle will mark the focus point.

Focus Finder was specifically designed to test focus tracking with images taken by the Canon EOS 1D Mark III camera. However, Focus Finder can find the focus point on any 8 megapixel or larger image.

There are a few drawbacks:

With the limited Photoshop tools available it is not possible to determine how sharp the image is. Focus Finder will always find the strongest edges in the image, even if those edges are very weak.

Focus Finder will mark the most detailed part of the image. In some cases where there is a detailed background that is a part of the focus plain, Focus Finder might mark the background as the focus point. This can happen even if the subject is perfectly sharp, but has less detail than the background.

The image above is a good example. The horses head is the subject and it is perfectly sharp. However, the ground is also a part of the focus plane and has much more details than the head. Consequently, Focus Finder has marked the ground as the focus point.

Focus Finder is not very suitable for bird photography, but it might work well when the subject fills the frame.

Guidelines for focus tracking testing with Focus Finder

Make sure your subject has some strong hard edges. For example, if you choose to test your camera with a human subject try to use a shirt that has some large text printed on it. A shirt with many strong textures is preferred.

Do not add artificial pixels (text, squares, marks, etc…) to the image before running Focus Finder.

Try not to include the ground in your images. If the subject has many strong edges Focus Finder might find the subject as well as the ground (As the first example below show).

More examples

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4 Responses to “KG Focus Finder for Autofocus tracking”

  1. Paul Says:

    Great Tool! I Used it to fine tune all my lenses with the D300 (different zoom settings) and it worked almost perfect.
    No I have updated to CS3 and the tool will not work anymore.
    Is there any chance that you will redesign this tool?
    Many thanks!

  2. Max Penson Says:


    It works from me on CS3…


  3. Paul Says:

    Hi again

    As the ‘self made’ droplets also did not work I analized the registy and changed 2 values from cs2 to cs 3 (type library) and removed all other cs2 entries.


    It was a very helpfull remark from Max that it works in CS3.


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