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Upload Presets Utility is a small and easy to use utility that allows Leaf medium format back users to upload their custom presets to the Compact Flash card. When the CF card is in its slot, Leaf Custom presets will automatically appear in the Camera settings menus on the back, allowing you to use custom tables while shooting portable.


Download Upload Presets Utility


  • Download and open the utility.
  • From the selection box, choose the Compact Flash card you wish to use in order to upload custom presets. If no Compact Flash cards are displayed, insert a card and click ‘Refresh’.
  • From the custom presets selection box, select the custom preset you wish to upload. You can use the Select All and Select None buttons for quick selection.
  • Click the Upload button to upload the selected custom presets to the Compact Flash card.

Supported Backs

  • Leaf AFi
  • Leaf AFi-II
  • Leaf Aptus-II


  • Formating the card in the back will erase all setting from the card.
  • The utility loads all Leaf Tables but not ICC “Color Look” or “Color Space” profiles.

Change Log

1.1 Added support for Aptus-II and AFi-II family
1.0 Release

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  1. Neil Folberg Says:

    Many thanks for making and publishing this utility – it is exactly what I wanted to have.

    Best wishes,

    Neil Folberg

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