iPhone’s screen gamut is quite good

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I had to get me one of those iPhones. It really is that good as they say. During some sneaking inside the iPhone I have discovered the ICC profile for the screen the iPhone is using. It is really amazing that the iPhone actually uses an ICC profile, but even more amazing is that its screen is quite good. Its gamut range is very close or in even better in some cases than the old non LED LCD screen of my MacBook Pro. Not bad at all, you can find some comparisons here.

White grid = MacBook Pro non LED, Color grid = iPhone
White grid = sRGB profile, Color grid = iPhone
White grid = Nec SpectraView 2180, Color grid = iPhone

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One Response to “iPhone’s screen gamut is quite good”

  1. Kevin Newman Says:

    Very nice post! Do you know where one may download that icc profile? (I’m a color management boob looking to play around :-) )

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