Lightroom Preset: Leica M8 Colors with your Nikon

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A few weeks ago a kammagamma reader asked me if it is possible to set Adobe Lightroom to mimic his Leica M8 colors with Nikon D3 RAW files. For those of you who don’t own a Leica M8 rangefinder, Leica M8 captures DNG files with gamma and color settings that were designed by Leica. So when opening Leica M8 DNG files in Lightroom or ACR, a “Leica” color look is being applied to the images. Long story short, it’s rather simple to mimic those setting with lightroom for Nikon cameras and I think most of you might find this preset interesting.

I’ve tested this preset with some Canon cameras and it was quite close (although in theory it should be the same), but there is more accuracy with Nikon D3/D300 cameras. If there is going to be demand for this preset I’ll try to produce a more accurate Canon version. Please do let me know how this preset works for you.


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14 Responses to “Lightroom Preset: Leica M8 Colors with your Nikon”

  1. Lightroom Preset: Leica M8 Colors with your Nikon at Imaging Insider Says:

    […] Read More… […]

  2. charles Says:

    I want to know if it can work for Kodak SLR/N?

  3. Niels Says:


    If you look at your/the kammagamm description of Leica colors:

    Then your preset is way too red, and the subtle hue changes aren’t visible. I actually prefer on the above site. When I download the photographs from that site(the d300 colored ones) and add them to my lightroom library, and use your preset, I get very diferent results. Although i would love it work, since I adore the colors of the M8, but unfortunately can’t own it, and use my D80.

    Thanks for the effort, but maybe a remake? I would love that!

  4. Import from China Says:

    I came across this blog the other day and you got some great info here – thanks.

  5. Daniel Vivian Says:

    Outstanding work! This has become a staple of my workflow. Thanks so much!

  6. Tim Reynolds Says:

    Nice post. Thank you for the info. Keep it up.

  7. Howard Richard Says:

    Will the preset work with PS4 and Adobe camera raw?


  8. Alex Says:

    hi max

    pardon my ignorance on the conversion of Leica M8 Colors with Nikon…

    how do I do it?…assuming that I have already Adobe lightroom installed on my laptop.

    hope you enlighten me..

    thank you


  9. Alex Says:

    hi max

    Im using photoshop cs3…is it possible to convert the lrt. file to atn. file so that I can load it to action?….

    thanks a lot


  10. Stig Says:

    Nice work. I would love to see a similar preset for Canon cameras.

  11. M9 high iso - Seite 6 - Leica User Forum Says:

    […] refuted by your Puts citation), some folks have wanted to convert their Nikons to Leica color. See KammaGamma � Articles � Lightroom Preset: Leica M8 Colors with your Nikon. I know, that's what you've been saying all along. __________________ Best, Howard Cornelsen […]

  12. sergey Says:

    Thanks for the preset I’ll give it a try with my D300 photos. There is great work here and a fascinating site. Thanks again, Sergey

  13. Ryan Says:

    Just curious if you were planning a LR3 version of this preset that builds off of the new Adobe Standard raw profile. Thanks, Ryan

  14. KammaGamma » Articles » Leica M8 and M9 DNG Profiles for all Says:

    […] but that is just because I was busy with other projects. Since there is a lot interest with the Leica M8 for Nikon cameras preset I did a while back, I thought it’s a good idea to update that the real thing is now […]

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