Update: What happened to easyrgb.com?

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update: easyrgb.com is back online! At some point in the last few days easyrgb.com was taken down never to comeback. We used easyrgb.com quite a lot as a reference to color conversion formulas. It had all the most needed formulas in a single page organized really well. It also featured a cool color conversion calculator which helped us many times in the past. Luckily, web.archive.org is keeping an archive of easyrgb.com which makes the color formulas still accessible. If anyone knows what happened to easyrgb.com let us know. What a shame!


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2 Responses to “Update: What happened to easyrgb.com?”

  1. Bob Walker Says:

    Hmm, http://www.easyrgb.com/ works for me.


  2. Max Penson Says:

    Thanks Bob!

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